Cross-model implementation of controls

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Implementing controls across models

The majority of manufacturers try to use the same controls in as many model series as possible. There are financial reasons for this on the one hand, since it is obviously cheaper to use an existing control in different models. The customer also benefits from this approach, since the driver doesn’t have to familiarise with each new model. But how are controls from one series implemented in the next?

The specialists from Da Vinci Engineering support OEMs with this problem. Among other things, they check whether there is sufficient room in the new model for touchpads, light switches, door controls and so on to be reused.
To do this, they compare the data from the original series with that of the new one. Of course, they have to take many specifications into consideration. Can the driver see everything that he needs to sees in the new model? Can he operate the touchpad in an optimal way from the driving position?

The specialists from Da Vinci suggest to the OEM designers where and how they can take over the controls. The manufacturer's requirements are also taken into consideration, of course. Should the parts be screwed on or glued on? Where can screws be used in an ideal case? The engineers develop their suggestions on their own licensed computer using appropriate design software.

Every centimetre counts

The designers from Da Vinci Engineering are also professionals when it comes to the space under the bonnet. Time and again, they have to find a few centimetres of unused space for hoots, toots and fanfares in the engine compartment. Where can components be moved, can the horn resonate there and radiate sound in all directions? Does the waste heat from the engine cause any interference? Do any new brackets have to be designed? The specialists find the right answer to all questions, since there is no such thing as “not possible” at Da Vinci Engineering.

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