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We ensure that reliably functioning systems are provided

A new system must not reach users without fundamental testing – this applies in the automotive sector as well as in other industries, and also electronic systems and all types of software.

Early assurance of product features does not only ensure that customer expectations are fulfilled, but also leads to shorter development times and lower development costs by correcting errors and deviations at an early stage.

We bring experience from numerous testing projects with us, and work with different methods and approaches. Our employees design testing methods for every phase of development and production, so that you know that your quality assurance is in good hands.

Do you have any questions about our services? I’d be pleased to answer them.

Anisa Müller
Head of Sales

The main focus of our work:

Our expertise

Our specialists design tests in different areas, plan them and then also carry them out. Among other things, our expertise includes:

  • Interior / exterior testing
  • Motor, chassis and fuel tank systems
  • Vehicle safety
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Flashing Over-The-Air (FOTA)
  • BUS systems (CAN/LIN/MOST, Ethernet, FlexRay)
  • Acoustics/audible noises
  • Vehicle running and conversion
  • E/E-Testing

Our experience

Our specialists have worked on projects relating to operating and display systems, infotainment services, driver assistance functions/ADAS (ultrasound, radar and lidar, capacitive steering wheel) and automated driving, for example. On behalf of different OEMs, we check future vehicle series to see whether the operation of software and hardware functions takes place in the way for which they have been designed.

We also have previous project experience in the rapidly growing area of e-mobility. We accompanied a test bench for electromobility charging stations from concept development through to readiness for series production and series production itself.

Our projects

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