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Above all, we are human: open, familial and warm.

First and foremost we are human beings. Our specialists for the automotive, energy management and information technology areas are creative, individual people with history, experiences, desires, hopes and goals. With families and friendships.

These individuals and all their needs are our main focus. Because we want to achieve something together with you, we place value on empathetic cooperation. This requires communication on an equal footing and transparent decisions.

Uncomplicated and warm

It is not only important to our founder and company owner Massimiliano “Max” Cava for Da Vinci Engineering to maintain its Italian/familial identity. Together we are constantly working on ensuring that our company maintains an uncomplicated, open and warm atmosphere despite its strong growth.

In this way we make it possible for each and every person, people from many different nations, to feel welcome and in good hands with us.

"There is always room for new ideas.”

Samuel Röhl, IT specialist for system integration who has been with Da Vinci since 2020:

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Open and supportive

A new job brings many changes with it. We support new colleagues from home and abroad throughout the entire relocation process. Moving house and looking for an apartment are just one aspect – we provide support with visits to government offices, visa issues, work permits and language courses.

Our open arms begin with helping hands. We also address problems as clearly and directly as we address topics. So that everyone feels comfortable with us.

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Familial and together

The Italian/familial corporate culture is a commitment for us: We take all of our colleagues and their needs and individual life situations seriously. If something changes, then we find a solution together.

“Max has always given me a considerable amount of freedom for implementing my ideas and gave me responsibility at an early stage”

Anisa Müller, Head of Sales, who has been at Da Vinci since 2007

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We are only as good as the community of our colleagues. This is why we specifically create opportunities for also interfacing with each other outside of work and grow together as a team. On a small and large scale, be it public viewing, the Cannstatter Wasen, a ski trip or a summer festival.

“Many other companies promise a great deal to begin with, but there really is something behind it here.”

Overall vehicle development project manager Cengizhan Temtek, who has worked at Da Vinci since 2017:

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Long term and satisfied

We are a service provider with heart. We also approach our customers with the same appreciation and openness that we have for our colleagues.

The satisfaction of our employees also pays off directly for our customers – not only do they perform better, but they are also willing to react to new challenges flexibly, quickly and reliably. We can respond quickly and creatively to your personnel bottlenecks. Thanks to the long-term relationships with our employees, we can fall back on numerous experienced specialists.

In work contracts, we put together various teams who create professional solutions for our customers with a new, fresh perspective – we have the right, bright minds for every requirement.

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