Markus Forner

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What Markus Forner appreciates about his employer Da Vinci Engineering

Markus Forner has worked for Da Vinci since 2010, and studied computer engineering. After that, he worked at IBM for about 10 years, and only later discovered his passion for the automotive industry. He has combined his IT background and inclination to work more as an engineer with us in his current project.

Daily tasks:

His daily tasks include testing software that is delivered at regular intervals. The tests are performed in accordance with various criteria.

What’s important when working at Da Vinci Engineering?

It’s important to know the vehicle environment and all of the devices that are associated it. His team deals with the question of: “Whether the device behaves correctly when it receives specific data”. They simulate different vehicle statuses to do this.

“The boss is the integrative link, whose style rubs off on all of us”

Markus Forner, computer engineer, has worked for Da Vinci since 2010

What makes Da Vinci Engineering a good employer?

We are Markus’ fifth employer. He also worked independently during his studies and gained a lot of experience. He knows how things are done in working life and is familiar with many different project processes. He told us exactly why Da Vinci Engineering is his best employer so far:

“Da Vinci Engineering is the best employer that I’ve ever worked for because employees are valued very highly here. Personal contact is very important. The boss is the integrative link, whose style rubs off on all of us. Max knows everyone and their private interests and problems. He’s warm-hearted, personable and always friendly. The whole company can see how he holds his employees in high esteem.”

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