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Maintaining an overview with expertise

Designing innovative projects and continuously developing your management and technical skills: As a technical project manager, you are not only bringing your comprehensive technical know-how with you, but also your excellent project management skills. You maintain an over at all times, you juggle with deadlines and resources, you identify and solve problems and ensure that everyone involved works together effectively.

In return, we can offer you a dynamic and innovative working environment in which your ideas and technical knowledge will be appreciated. We place a great deal of value on your technical further development, and will support you in achieving your career goals.

What are the tasks of technical project managers?

Technical project managers have a wide range of tasks within the framework of managing and coordinating technical projects. These can vary depending on the specific industry and the type of technical project.

Here are some of the main tasks which they typically perform:

  • Project planning: Drawing up detailed project plans and developing strategies for minimising risks and resolving conflicts
  • Team management: Delegating tasks, monitoring the progress of team members and motivating the team
  • Budget and resource management: Ensuring that resources are used efficiently and preparing cost plans
  • Communication and reporting: Keeping everyone involved up to speed regarding project progress; Organizing regular meetings and reporting on status, problems, risks and solutions
  • Quality control: Carrying out quality reviews and implementing corrective measures for ensuring that the project fulfils the expected standards
  • Time management: Drawing up schedules and monitoring project progress in order to ensure that milestones and deadlines are met
  • Risk management: Assessing risks, developing contingency plans and carrying out risk management measures to protect the project from undesirable events
  • Stakeholder management: Effective communication and incorporation of the stakeholders

Technical project managers must have in-depth technical knowledge and knowledge of project management in order to be able to effectively lead and manage projects which are often very complex.
They use their special communication skills and leadership skills to motivate, lead and inspire their team.

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What specialisations can technical project managers have?

Technical project managers can specialise in different areas in order to use their skills and specialist knowledge in a specific way. They are needed and valued in a wide variety of professional fields, including the automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical and metal industries and also in aerospace technology, for example.

There are numerous opportunities for career starters to push on with their specialisation by obtaining specific further training and practical experience in a particular area.

Which requirements should technical project managers bring with them?

As a technical project manager, various requirements and skills are important in order to be able to successfully manage projects and ensure that orders are always completed on time.

As well as the technical skills in the respective professional field, such as in mechanical engineering, the IT industry, construction or other technical areas, soft skills such as negotiation skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills and particularly communication skills also play a special part.

Which career opportunities are available for technical project managers?

Technical project managers have good career prospects and a wide range of development opportunities. The combination of technical expertise and project management skills opens up various career paths for motivated project managers.

As their experience and expertise increase, technical project managers can progress in their careers and, for example, manage projects or control multiple projects in a higher position. In this role, they take on more demanding tasks with additional scope and responsibility.

Some project managers also use their specialist knowledge to switch to management consulting. There they help companies to optimise their project management processes, implement new technologies or overcome specific challenges.

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