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Responsibility for and overview of all aspects of a component

As a component manager, you take the responsibility for processes and results. Starting with the planning of a component, to implementation and quality assurance, all the way to scheduling and budgeting – every aspect should be important to you. Within the context of a bigger project, you are responsible for a very specific and complex individual result.

What are the tasks of component managers?

As a component manager, you are responsible for the development and implementation of a certain component within a project. To a certain extent, you are responsible for a specific component within this project as a development service provider.

Together with the project management, you not only ensure that the requirements for your component are fulfilled, but also that your results correspond with the goals, requirements and results of the overall project and its parts.

In particular, your tasks include the following:

  • Coordination and care of components throughout the creation process
  • Responsible development of components in accordance with the requirements and targets
  • Looking after your development team
  • Control of the cooperation between hardware and software development
  • Together with the project management, coordination of all stages of development with the persons responsible for other components
  • Requirement and change management
  • Interface management, both external and internal
  • Technical control of suppliers
  • Ensuring that implementation takes place in accordance with the schedule
  • Complete documentation and presentation of the results
  • Quality assurance and checking of all requirements, also in the overall project
  • Handover to series development

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Which requirements should component managers bring with them?

There is no single, fixed qualification for component managers. If you are taking up your first job as a component manager, you should already have experience as an engineer and therefore have the knowledge and skills of a development engineer, for example. You should enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams, and ideally you have already taken responsibility for individual, smaller components in projects.

Your technical and professional expertise should be complemented by a structured way of working and a certain amount of organizational skill. Good knowledge of English is vital in this area, and ideally you will also be a good communicator, so that you can easily work with colleagues within the project and in other departments or companies – after all, all development partners need to be incorporated.

Ideally you should be passionate about ensuring that your component fulfils the requirements and needs of the overall project perfectly, which will suit everyone!

What career opportunities are available for component managers?

You can work in many different industries as a component manager – engineers with this specific practical experience are needed almost everywhere, in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry, in mechatronics, anywhere where mechanical and electronic components are planned and produced for bigger projects.

Of course, there is also the possibility of taking on project management yourself after a certain time, and therefore taking on greater responsibility.

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