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Design, plan and develop, so that everything runs properly

Solving problems, perfecting software As a software engineer, you design programs, plan, develop and manage applications, tools and processes in digital systems.

There are numerous different areas of responsibility for software engineers in our projects; The diversity of our customers and their industries allows you to make optimum use of your skills and develop in a variety of ways.

What are the tasks of a software engineer?

Developing and testing apps, planning and controlling processes, designing and systematising tests: Some complex and demanding tasks await you as a software engineer, problem solver and software strategist.

This particularly includes managing the work of software developers and IT specialists: You will describe the requirements that are needed for a program or system, document them and prepare the necessary implementation steps. On this basis, you will manage the necessary processes, oversee the tool management and quality assurance of all of the resulting programs, and collect and evaluate the results.

Depending on the project, you will also develop programs yourself, create data structures and set up suitable databases for evaluating and passing on information. In order to do this, you will keep an eye on higher-level systems and be able to implement the requirements in different operating systems and with different programming languages, or manage the implementation thereof.

Maintenance and further development of this (or existing) software is also a part of your work area, of course. The specific tasks are different and specific from industry to industry and project to project.

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Our customers are companies from different industries with whom we realise a wide variety of projects together.

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What can software engineers specialise in?

There is no shortage of options for software engineers – because of the increasing amount of digitalisation, IT is playing an increasingly important part in almost every sector of the economy. Of course, detailed knowledge of individual programming languages, software systems and the most popular operating systems is of central importance.

Further development as a software architect is just as possible as working as a project manager, focussing on technically oriented project management.

Which requirements should software engineers bring with them?

The requirements for software engineers are wide-ranging. Of course, they must have in-depth knowledge of computer science and programming: They should be familiar with operating systems, databases, programming languages and Internet technologies. Version management, interface programming and debugging are also required, the capability of thinking analytically and also a high degree of abstraction capability, of course.

It is crucial for software engineers to understand software development as being part of a holistic project, i.e. software system technology that is closely related to other engineering disciplines.

This is also the reason why software development has long since become a team sport: Communication skills and flexibility are extremely important in our interdisciplinary teams and within the context of our different customers.  Basic experience in the area of project management – with agile methods and also waterfall projects – is also one of the “hard skills” that is required for software engineers.

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