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Opportunity seized

It’s not just engineers who pursue a career at Da Vinci. Economists such as Economics graduate Cengizhan Temtek are also in high demand.

Cengizhan Temtek is a newcomer to Da Vinci Engineering. The native of Stuttgart has been working for the service provider since the start of 2017. Nevertheless, somehow you could also call him an old hand, since he’s been in the profession since 2007. He previously worked for a service provider similar to Da Vinci, But they were much smaller, and the company headquarters weren’t in Baden-Württemberg. However, Cengizhan Temtek is Swabian through and through, which is why he started looking for a local employer.

Initial contact at a recruitment fair

He attended a recruitment fair in Stuttgart as a manager who already had some experience. Da Vinci was also represented there, the company that Cengizhan Temtek regularly drove past on his way to see his customers. “The location has always appealed to me”, he admits. He also found their first discussion at the trade fair to be promising. "The Da Vinci team really was the friendliest, and took me seriously straight away," he remembers. Even then, Cengizhan Temtek felt that all employees put their heart and soul into the job. There soon followed an initial meeting with company director Massimiliano Cava. "Max was open to my new ideas right away," he enthuses.

Company size offers many opportunities

He soon decided that he wanted to change jobs. "At Da Vinci I saw a lot more opportunities for me professionally." He didn’t need to worry about his future. A company of this size always offers new opportunities for its employees. Something that Cengizhan Temtek also appreciates is that everything is already there at Da Vinci. "Here, I can finally concentrate on my actual work," he says about his optimal working environment. At his old company, in addition to his actual work at the customer site, he also often had to develop the website or plan the next event for employees. "Da Vinci has its own departments for that," says Cengizhan Temtek. This enables him to enjoy employee events such as the company skiing trip all the more.

He is currently supporting an OEM with an entire series as project manager. He previously supported the same manufacturer in project management in overall vehicle development. "My current position is really exciting," he says. Not least because he works with many colleagues from all over the world. So it’s a good thing that Cengizhan Temtek don’t just speak perfect German, English and Turkish. His repertoire also includes Spanish and French.

“Many other companies promise a great deal to begin with, but there really is something behind it here.”

Overall vehicle development project manager Cengizhan Temtek, who has worked at Da Vinci since 2017:

Flexible and family-friendly

Cengizhan Temtek wants to take parental leave at the end of his current project. The father of three children is looking forward to it. This will also give him more a bit more time for his hobby: He referees football matches in the regional league almost every weekend during the season. At any rate, Cengizhan Temtek is pleased that his employer also gives fathers the freedom to look after children and the family in this way. He’s still got one door open though: "It we take on a project that suits me, I will return from parental leave earlier.”
He greatly appreciates this flexibility as well as the company’s way of dealing with employees. "Lots of other companies promise a great deal at first sight, but here there really is more than meets the eye." You get the feeling that someone is thinking about how employees can be supported in their daily work. That is why he has also recommended Da Vinci as a new employer to some of his former colleagues. "There is no way I would do that unless I was 100% satisfied," says Cengizhan Temtek.

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