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Our history

More than 600 employees, more than 50 different nations and unlimited passion and commitment for new challenges. This is Da Vinci Engineering.

Our engineers and IT consultants dedicate themselves every day to implementing significant projects in the automotive engineering area.

The focus is on people

We believe that our employees are the heart of our success, and that having a positive and supportive work atmosphere leads to top performance. That's why we work every day on ensuring that our employees feel comfortable with us and can fully develop their potential.

“Performance is important, but appreciation is equally important. People must enjoy their work!” - Massimiliano Cava, Managing Director of Da Vinci Engineering GmbH

For us, the connection between professionalism and an Italian/familial corporate culture is not a superficial façade, but an authentic reflection of our history and our values. It gives Da Vinci that special something, and allows us to be a highly motivated team which is committed and passionate about meeting our customers' needs and developing innovative solutions.

How we became who we are.

Since the company was founded, we have grown from humble beginnings to become a leading automotive engineering services company. Our history is one of innovation, passion and the tireless pursuit of excellence.


Foundation of Da Vinci Engineering

Managing Director Massimiliano Cava, originally from the province of Salerno in Italy, studied electrical engineering in Naples. On the search for new challenges, he was drawn to Brunswick during his studies. It was a bumpy ride to start with in Germany: He didn't speak any German, and he didn't last long in his first job in Lippstadt because “there was no passion at work”. After working at various companies such as Magneti Marelli and smart, he founded Da Vinci Engineering, an engineering services company, in 2005.

2006 - 2007

Relocation to Stuttgart-Vaihingen

In 2006, the to Stuttgart-Vaihingen took place, where Da Vinci's first office was established. Due to increasing demand, more engineers and test drivers were appointed, and an additional office was soon opened near Magneti Marelli. Thanks to this expansion, Da Vinci was able to employ around 20 people in the areas of recruitment, sales and IT in 2007.


Move to downtown Stuttgart

Da Vinci Engineering continues to grow steadily and is now moving into premises on Marienplatz in the heart of the state capital. In 2012, Da Vinci Engineering already employs around 300 people from around 50 different countries. The diversity of cultures represented in our company gives us the opportunity every day to combine a wide range of skills and constantly learn new things. We are proud to have such a diverse and talented team working together on innovative solutions.


15 years of Da Vinci Engineering

Da Vinci Engineering has grown into a successful provider of automotive engineering services. In 15 years, we have developed from a one-man company in 2005 into a reliable engineering partner with more than 500 employees and 6 locations.


A company with a mission

We are a service provider with heart. We work in a solution-oriented, creative and professional manner - and want to bring together the right, talented minds from all over the globe for every challenge. Appreciation and openness, flexibility and reliability are very important to us in order for this to succeed.

Our mission

To create a globally networked community of engineers and specialists who collaborate to push forward with technological innovations together and make use of the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences. We endeavour to be an inclusive platform that brings together talented minds from over the world to develop pioneering solutions for complex technical challenges.

Managing director Massimiliano Cava knows all too well about the possible adversities in a foreign country. He himself founded the company under difficult conditions in 2005. At Da Vinci Engineering, we place value on creating an inclusive and supportive environment in which employees from different countries can cooperate successfully.

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“Passion and togetherness: It is important to me for us to be on an equal footing. Our highly qualified specialists must, should and can be satisfied, even happy to work for us – only then can they produce work that is truly top class.”

Dipl.-Ing. Massimiliano Cava, founder and managing director