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We reinforce companies with highly qualified engineers and software specialists.





We are Da Vinci Engineering. We provide development services in the areas of software development, electrics and electronics, project management and testing. In order to do this, we supply engineers and software specialists to the automotive, information technology and energy management industries.

Our main focus is on people: Our colleagues are that which defines us, with all of their diversity, creativity and individuality. This is why we maintain our Italian/familial culture and place value on community spirit, further training and long-term working relationships, which gives us the strength to meet challenges with passion, sympathy and commitment.

We are a service provider with heart. We also approach our customers with the same appreciation and openness that we give to our colleagues.

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Why Da Vinci Engineering?

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“Passion and togetherness: It is important to me for us to be on an equal footing. Our highly qualified specialists must, should and can be satisfied, even happy to work for us – only then can they produce work that is truly top class.”

Dipl.-Ing. Massimiliano Cava, founder and managing director

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This is how we work

How do we set up our projects, how do we proceed? Here is an example:

Insights into the automotive industry

Automated system tests on a module with over-the-air flashing

Telematics control devices ensure that vehicles stay up-to-date by means of over-the-air flashing and that they are continuously connected to the surrounding infrastructure. Our tests verify whether this is working properly.

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