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Efficient energy management for a sustainable future: We have the right team





Efficient energy management plays a decisive part for a sustainable future, particularly in the automotive industry. At Da Vinci Engineering, we understand the unique challenges that are involved, and have the specialist knowledge and experience for helping companies to optimise their energy consumption.

Our teams consist of highly qualified engineers who are familiar with the latest trends and developments in the automotive industry. We know the energy management requirements with regard to electric vehicles, hybrid drives, lightweight construction and other technological advancements. This knowledge allows us to develop innovative solutions which are tailored precisely to the individual needs and goals of our customers.

Our expertise

Our expertise in the energy management sector extends over a wide range of customers, particularly in the automotive sector, but is not limited to this sector.

We develop and implement made to measure energy management solutions for your needs and, if necessary, the requirements of the automotive industry. We do this by relying on the latest technologies and industry-specific know-how for implementing efficient and sustainable energy management strategies.

We have already successfully implemented numerous projects in the automotive sector. These include the development and implementation of energy management systems for electric vehicles which cover both the charging infrastructure and battery management technology.

Our focus is always on providing innovative and future-proof solutions which fulfil the changing needs of the automotive industry.

We are proud of collaborating with well-known companies in this industry, and look forward to continuing to work together on sustainable and energy-efficient mobility in the future.

Our competencies

We use innovative technologies and proven methods in order to provide efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions which fulfil the increasing demands which are being made of electromobility.
Our expertise in the area of energy management is wide-ranging, and is particularly focussed on the following areas:

  • E-batteries: We have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in the development and optimization of battery systems for electric vehicles. Our experts collaborate closely with suppliers to develop powerful and reliable batteries which provide a long range, fast charging times and a long service life.
  • Charging stations: Our engineers are experienced in the planning, installation and integration of charging station infrastructures for electric vehicles. We help our customers to select suitable charging station models, give advice on the choice of location, and develop made-to-measure solutions for a scalable charging infrastructure.
  • Charging infrastructure: We provide a comprehensive range of expertise in designing and implementing charging infrastructure systems which fulfil the individual needs of our customers. This includes the planning and optimization of charging stations in residential and commercial areas, car parks, shopping centres and other public areas. We take aspects such as performance, network stability, intelligent load control and user-friendliness into consideration.
  • Battery management: We specialize in the development and implementation of battery management systems (BMS) which provide optimal performance, safety and battery life. Our experts have in-depth knowledge in the areas of cell monitoring, temperature control, charging and discharging strategies and also diagnostics and error detection.

Why Da Vinci Engineering?

Thanks to our extensive industrial knowledge and specialist expertise, we can develop innovative approaches which are specifically tailored to the individual challenges and goals of our customers in the automotive industry.

Our strengths lie in the top class development and consulting expertise of our highly qualified and motivated employees. In addition to our reliability and professionalism, the Da Vinci Engineering employees also work in an easy-going and happy way, which we make possible by means of our unique, Italian-inspired familial corporate culture.

We place value on transparent communication and close collaboration

Our customer-focussed approach is particularly important to us. By this we mean always having open communication, close collaboration and long-term partnerships. Our goal is to support our customers in the best possible way, and to develop high-quality energy management solutions together with you.

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