Technical project management

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We ensure that your project works.

With our experience from a wide variety of projects in various industries and areas, we ensure that you do not only achieve your goals and milestones, but that risks in the planning and implementation of your projects are proactively analysed and limited. The project management must have an overview of the technical requirements and solutions, and coordinate the sub-disciplines (software and hardware development, mechanics etc.) as well as always keeping an eye on the legal and economic framework conditions.

Our project managers understand the small details and also the big connections. You work quickly, precisely and flexibly and embrace your challenges – so that your project is completed successfully, punctually and reliably.

Our expertise

Technical project management is a combination of classic project management tasks and technical expertise. In order to carry out technical project management, you need to understand the challenges and tasks of your own work area.

Our project managers bring experience from many different projects with them – and therefore fresh perspectives which can take your project in new, creative directions. There is also practical specialist knowledge from the respective area of work. This means they are completely prepared for technical project management.

We set ourselves the following tasks in project management:

  • Define project goals and milestones
  • Develop and adapt processes
  • Plan and coordinate activities and resources
  • Promote and accompany the cohesion and collaboration of the project team
  • Anticipate risks, analyse them and initiate preventative steps (risk management)
  • Error and change management: Endeavour to constantly improve working methods and project organization
  • Establish, safeguard and document quality, functional safety and information security

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Our way of working

In project management, we ensure that different departments can work together as efficiently as possible. If possible, we accompany a project right from the very first steps, and always keep an eye on the big picture – because we work towards goals, not just at one level.

We place a considerable amount of value on combining technical knowledge and proven methods for planning and control with excellent communication, so that your project is implemented in a planned manner in accordance with your goals and specifications. In order to achieve this, we combine proactive action and forward-looking planning with a collegial and decisive leadership approach to project management.

Our understanding of project management also means:

  • Bringing together and integrating your own experts and external experts into a harmonious team
  • Responding quickly and flexibly to your requirements
  • Bringing in our international network for your benefit
  • Combining different working methods – from classic to agile

Our project managers bring experience from a wide variety of other projects with them; they know about different views and perspectives, project structures and stumbling blocks. The advantage for you: Without “company blinkers”, their focus is always on having a solution-oriented, pragmatic way of working.

Do you have any questions about our services? I’d be pleased to answer them.

Anisa Müller
Head of Sales