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We are Da Vinci Engineering.

What we do: We provide development services in the areas of software development, electrics and electronics, project management and testing. In order to do this, we supply engineers and software specialists to the automotive, information technology and energy management industries.

Our main focus is on people: Our colleagues are that which defines us, with all of their diversity, creativity and individuality. This is why we nurture our Italian/familial culture and put value on openness, heart and appreciation, which gives us the strength to deal with challenges with passion, sympathy and commitment.

We are the development partner to well-known OEMs and suppliers; Our engineers and IT consultants work as specialists and managers every day on current projects in automotive engineering.

Thanks to the first-class development and consulting expertise of our highly qualified and motivated employees, we can also support your company – either within the framework of work contracts/service contracts or the context of temporary employment (ANÜ). We have the right, bright minds and the suitable team for any requirement.





Communication on an equal footing, transparent decisions, support that comes from the heart: It is important to us for our colleagues feel comfortable with us. For this reason, we offer permanent employment contracts, of course, and openly welcome new colleagues from home and abroad. We provide support with relocation and integration, visits to government offices and matters concerning visas.

Despite our strong growth, as an owner-managed company we attach great importance to ensuring that our atmosphere is and remains uncomplicated, open and warm. Shared experiences and events are just a visible sign of this – because employee events lasting several days, after-work parties on the roof terrace, Christmas parties and summer festivals are just a part of it.