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Focus on IT security: Made-to-measure solutions for your business needs





Information technology is playing an increasingly important part in today's digitalized world. Companies are increasingly dependent on powerful IT infrastructures in order to remain competitive and fulfil ever-increasing demands. However, the increasing importance of IT solutions and digital networking also brings new challenges with it, especially in the IT security area.

At Da Vinci Engineering, we develop made to measure solutions which fulfil the specific requirements of our customers. Our experienced IT experts have an extensive range of specialist knowledge, and are available to assist you with a wide range of skills. Be it within the framework of temporary employment or a work contract: We are prepared to optimize your IT infrastructure, and support your business needs in an optimal way.

Our expertise

We already have extensive experience in supporting customers in the information technology area. Our knowledge and expertise do not just extend to the automotive sector, but also include insurance companies and the Mercedes Bank.

Due to our many years of working with different customers in the information technology area, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges and requirements of this industry. Our team consists of highly qualified experts who have extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and trends.

In today's digital world, a solid IT structure is vital for remaining competitive and fulfilling the ever-increasing demands. We therefore use the latest technologies and proven methods to optimize the IT infrastructure of our customers, and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our competencies

Our competencies in the field of information technology is wide-ranging.
We are talking about key areas in which our engineers and software specialists have excellent specialist knowledge and expertise:

  • Cybersecurity: Our experts have extensive knowledge of identifying and combating security risks. We develop made to measure security strategies and implement state-of-the-art security solutions for protecting confidential data, corporate networks and critical infrastructures from potential attacks.
  • IT security: We use a holistic approach to analyse weaknesses and risks in the IT systems of our customers. By using firewall systems, encryption technologies and access control mechanisms, we provide a solid IT security architecture which fulfils the highest standards.
  • IT consulting: We provide sound advice and innovative solutions for increasing the efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness of our customers. From evaluating existing IT infrastructures to planning and implementing new IT projects, we support our customers in a competent and practical way.
  • Infrastructure for mobile working: We design and implement flexible and secure solutions that allow the employees of our customers to work productively from anywhere, without compromising the integrity and confidentiality of company data.
  • Data management and legal requirements: We help our customers to structure, store and manage their data, and ensure that it is compliant with the applicable legal requirements and data protection regulations. Our expertise helps companies to use their data efficiently, whilst fulfilling the highest security standards at the same time.
  • Database: We have extensive knowledge and experience in the development and management of database solutions. From the creation of optimized database structures to performance optimization and ensuring data integrity, we help our customers to make efficient use of their databases and fulfil business needs.
  • Firmware development: Our experienced software specialists develop made-to-measure software solutions which provide smooth communication and functionality. We develop reliable firmware which represents a stable basis for the technical applications of our customers.

Why Da Vinci Engineering?

Da Vinci Engineering is your reliable partner when it comes to top quality information technology and engineering services. We have already looked after numerous customers in different industries, and have acquired in-depth IT know-how.

At Da Vinci Engineering we place great value on innovation and efficiency. We use state of the art technologies and are always up to date with the latest developments in the IT industry. This allows us to offer you solutions which do not only fulfil current requirements, but are also prepared for future challenges.

We are at your side for optimising your IT infrastructure, managing the data flow and ensuring that you are compliant with the legal requirements when handling data.

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