Markus Forner

Markus Forner

Markus Forner has studied Computer Engineering. After that, he worked for 10 years at IBM. Only later did he discover his passion for the automotive industry. He combines his IT background with the desire to work more as an Engineer in his current project.

His main responsibilities are:

Among his daily responsibilities is the testing of software that is delivered regularly. He is doing these tests with different criteria.

What he finds important with working at Da Vinci Engineering

An important point is to know the environment in which the vehicle operates and all devices connected to it. His team is dealing with the question: “Does the device behave correctly when it is receiving specific data?” To do this, they simulate a variety of states the vehicle can be in.

What makes Da Vinci Engineering a good employer for Markus

For Markus, Da Vinci Engineering is the fifth employer. During his studies he was self-employed and gained a lot of experience. He knows a great deal about working life and has been part of various project environments. He told us, why Da Vinci Engineering is the best employer he worked for so far:

“Da Vinci Engineering is the best employer that I got to know until today, because employees are valued above all else. The personal contact is very important. This integrative style radiates from the CEO throughout the entire company. Max knows everyone personally with his or her private interests and concerns. He is warm-hearted and always friendly. He shows the entire company how high his appreciation for all his employees is.”