Dirk Pühl

Dirk Pühl

Dirk Pühl has studied Mathematics. He is working at Da Vinci Engineering as an Engineer for a big car manufacturer and develops Seat Control Units for Vitos. He is in touch with suppliers, colleagues and the touchpoint between Da Vinci Engineering and the client every day.

His responsibilities are:

  • Functional tests
  • Increase level of maturity of the car
  • Guarantee high product quality through tests, error scans and corrections

Why he chose Da Vinci Engineering and why he likes working here? We asked him:

“The open and unconventional way of Max, the CEO, has convinced me. The first meeting took place with some coffee and at eye level. We immediately were on a first-name basis and created a personal level that lasts until today. This familiar feeling is what makes working here so special. Max knew all his employees personally back then.

Da Vinci Engineering still listens to you and you can count on their support. Especially in the beginning, everybody gets a lot of help and that makes the company very likeable. The expertise of the company are its employees – we contribute to the products of Daimler, Porsche & Co. We do not produce anything but we are responsible for a small part of it.”