Apprenticeship at Da Vinci Engineering

Anja Herbst has done her apprenticeship as an office manager. She is currently getting to know all areas of the company to gain insights in the various departments and tasks at Da Vinci Engineering.

Her main responsibilities are:

  • HR-related tasks
  • Information Processing
  • Keeping files up-to-date
  • Management of Sodexo-Vouchers
  • Coordination of Language Classes
  • Data Administration and Backups
  • Office Economic Processes
  • Car Pool

Above all, she values the open way, tasks are distributed here.

“If you are particularly interested in a specific department or task, you will get the support and ecouragement you need.”

What she really likes about her apprenticeship? We asked her:

“The teamwork with my supervisor has given me a very good feeling during my apprenticeship. I get responsible and demanding tasks and can still count on her support.”

What does she value in particular here at Da Vinci Engineering?

“The company is growing fast, but team spirit still matters. Working as a team is always important, but also the CEO has an open ear. Mutual motivation and fun at work are common practice, which encourages you to always give your best.”