DaVinci Anca Pislaru

Anca Strungariu

Anca is originally from Romania and came to Germany in 2015 with her man and her son. On January 12th 2015, she started at our company as a Requirement Engineer. Since then she is a reliable asset for our clients in various projects and is learning the German culture with her family.

Her motto: Difficult situations are the impulse to achieve good results.

How was the transition to this new way of life here in Germany? We asked her:

“During the first months in Germany, I had the opportunity to meet new people and to work with different nationalities. It was a very interesting, yet difficult time for me and my family. Da Vinci Engineering has stuck by my side and supported me in finding my way here in Germany.”

She also gave us a hint what you should bring to the table as a Requirement Engineer, beside the technical background in the automotive market:

  • High independence
  • Disciplined work ethics
  • Creativity
  • Readiness to take on responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Good coordination skills

What does she value about Da Vinci Engineering?

“Da Vinci Engineering is always asking for feedback. That way the company is always improving and taking the correct steps to fulfill its employees’ needs. People matter, here at Da Vinci!”