Da Vinci Engineering does not only supply engineers and IT consultants, but also trains specialists itself. Two trainees and six DHBW students are currently preparing for professional life at Da Vinci. Until recently, Samuel Röhl was still a classic trainee. It was only in January 2020 that he completed his training as a “IT system integration specialist”. This training normally lasts for three years. However, because the 25-year-old achieved such good grades, he was able to reduce the training period to 2.5 years.

It was clear at an early stage that the engineering company wanted to keep hold of the young man. “It was indicated to me very early on”, emphasizes Röhl. He is over the moon about his permanent position. “We have a great team, and I really enjoy my work”, he explains. He joined Da Vinci via a friend who was already working for the Stuttgart-based company. Following an internship, it was clear to everyone involved within the company: we want to keep him. “At this point in time, I had already tried out a few other career options, but they didn’t really appeal to me”, he admits openly.

The company listens and is given responsibility

It was different at Da Vinci. “The training was just what I wanted, right from the start”, says Samuel Röhl. “I always wanted to do something involving IT.” At Da Vinci there were many possibilities and liberties, and room for new ideas at all times. The particularly important thing is that the company listens. “It’s unusual for a trainee to be heard and taken seriously by the team and their superiors”, he grins. The young man also appreciated being given ample responsibility during his training.

It never gets boring

Samuel Röhl is now a member of a team of four people: three men and a woman look after the IT infrastructure at Da Vinci. They kick into gear if any updates are required or new laptops need to be set up. Is anyone having difficulty with an application? If so, the four professionals from the IT department take over. Calmness and empathy are required – after all, not every colleague who is seeking advice is a computer nerd. Samuel Röhl really enjoys the work, also because his co-workers at the Stuttgart location are on the same wavelength and of a similar age. There’s no time to get bored: “there are always new tasks and many projects to deal with.” Learning on the job is the motto.

Although Samuel Röhl commutes has to travel for an hour from door to door every morning and evening, and has a job that is coveted in the job market, leaving the company isn’t an option. “I’m just extremely satisfied with my job”, says the young man. Especially since he also appreciates the other benefits at Da Vinci such as flexible working hours, the possibility of working from home, a 40-hours week, 30 days holiday and taking part in activities with his colleagues. “Of course, we also have to do an occasional night shift if major maintenance work is due, for example”, he says. But that is the exception rather than the rule.

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