What Dirk Pühl appreciates about his employer Da Vinci Engineering

Working for an HR service provider for almost ten years but still not accepted an offer from the industry? Dirk Pühl nods and wonders a little about the question. After all, he’s not employed by any company, but by Da Vinci Engineering, the well-known engineering services provider in the south west. The xx-year-old has been working for the family-run company since 2009, and he likes doing so. “At Da Vinci I’m still a person, not just a number like in a large corporate group,” says Dirk Pühl. He is familiar with the conditions in the industry after working for a large corporate group for a long time.

From training and research to the automotive industry

Dirk Pühl studied mathematics. He started his career in the automotive industry in Ingolstadt in 2006. “Originally, I wanted to go into training and research after my studies,” he says. However, it quickly became clear that financial opportunities were restricted. “I then decided on the automotive industry also because it’s a really exciting field of work.”

Yet, like many young professionals in the automotive industry, the financial crisis of 2009 hit the young engineer hard. Suddenly his livelihood was in question. The same work for less money – it wasn’t only Dirk Pühl who heard this suggestion at the time. Especially at a time in his life when he was thinking about having a family. The young engineer took action and started looking for a new employer.

Local café becomes the assessment centre

Da Vinci Engineering was employing only the best candidates and contacted Dirk Pühl. “From our first telephone conversation it was clear that it was a good fit for both sides,” he remembers. He first met with Managing Director Massimiliano Cava, who everyone calls Max, in the café around the corner instead of an assessment centre. “From there we drove straight to Untertürkheim and Daimler so I could get to know my future workplace,” smiles Dirk Pühl.

He still works there as an engineer on behalf of Da Vinci Engineering. Together with his colleagues who were also dispatched there, he sits next the customer’s employees. What sets them apart? “If we need new office supplies, we simply call the Da Vinci head office and get them the next day,” he says giving an example. The colleagues from the neighbouring offices have to wait a bit longer, until several managers have approved the new hole punch.

He’s been working for Da Vinci Engineering for almost ten years. “I haven’t regretted my decision for a single day,” says Dirk Pühl, even if his employer is no longer comparable to his old company from 2009. Over 400 employees are employed today, not 70. “We used to see Max more often,” regrets Dirk Pühl. Yet even with the new structures, communication channels are still short.

Personal development is important

Dirk Pühl also had the opportunity to develop professionally in recent years. He oversees five customer projects, all from different subject areas. He is in close contact with employees from the customer, the suppliers and his own colleagues every day. “Unlike in the industry, with a service provider you have a lot of opportunities to grow professionally within a short space of time,” he says. He also trains his colleagues. He’s convinced that he would never have had these options working in the industry. “Maybe I would have earned a bit more, but I would never have been given the opportunities that Da Vinci has offered me all these years.”

In the meantime, Dirk Pühl has been promoted to team leader and manages seven colleagues. This is why, in addition to his work on-site with customers, he takes care of a lot of organisational activities. Visits to the Da Vinci head office at Marienplatz in Stuttgart are often on the agenda. However, his company car makes the journey easier. “I greatly appreciate the flexibility in my job,” says the father of three. “Anyone who has a family knows there’s always something to organise in everyday life.” At Da Vinci Engineering, we understand the cares and concerns of parents. “I can organise my work in such a way that I can take my children to kindergarten or pick them up on certain days.”

The choice is yours

Even our summer and Christmas parties are regarded as family get-togethers. Obviously, Dirk Pühl’s family attends as well. At Da Vinci Engineering, we have something to offer not only in summer or just before Christmas. Whether it’s a ski trip, a festival on the Cannstatter Wasen, going bowling together or attending a language course, we have a lot to offer our employees. You don’t have to join in, the choice is yours. “The activities strengthen team spirit enormously,” explains Dirk Pühl.

His conclusion after belonging to this community for almost ten years? “I still really enjoy working for Da Vinci Engineering. I can’t imagine a better employer.” His boss, Max, will be happy to hear that, and especially that the industry’s attempts to headhunt Dirk Pühl were wasted.

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